We often misunderstand the professional and think that the one who is charging more has more margin but it's often not the case.

Simple software or format can make significant difference in price and quality of security cameras.

Every professional has their own standard products they use, all of them are great in their own ways but a very simple and common word can change the price.

Let take deep dive, every recorder has Encoding software which allows how the video will be processed and understand by the software. There is one common Encoding format which is H.265, widely used by every devices. Now, Dahua CCTV has introduced new coding format which is called AI Coding. Let's check the difference and determine why it costs more and how useful very common things could be.

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H.265 Encoding

- Compressed and better quality video

- Uses general amount of storage for video

- Processes level best video quality

- Wide view and general tracking

- Can track moving object and defines the category in general


AI Coding

- Does everything but enhanced from H.265

- Can define background

- Understand and spots the target

- Tracks objects differently

- Can focus on target and use AI technology

- Highly compressed video at loss of quality

- Triggers industry level video quality when target appears

- Smart storage to reduce the video size

- Easy software management to change settings as needed

- HD video upon requirement

Includes SMD Plus

- WizSense Included


To conclude, simple word can change the features which may seems normal but can be very useful upon time and makes life easier. We often misjudge professionals as a consumer while saving money, we must listen to them and ask questions when necessary.

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