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Small logo on the box can change so much value!

WizMind is by far the best AI Technology in CCTV Security we have ever discovered.

- There may be many companies out there with frequent new updates and claiming advanced AI Tech, but do you really need everything that they offer?

It's not about buying all the best tech, it's about the tech you need and you will use in routine life to change the way security works.


Why we love Dahua CCTV only?

Easy to operate software (recommended)

Turn ON and OFF any features

Combinations of features

Great pricing (this is must)

Hundreds of options to choose from

Installer loves products (as tech support is great)


WizMind Keypoints:

- Deep learning algorithm

- Human like choices of AI

- Vehicle AI

- Blocking Alarm

- VIP Recognition

- Thermal Technology

- Early Fire Prevention


Dahua has partnered with 3rd party companies to design and develop world changing AI systems. We take pride to be able to sell products of Dahua Manufacturing. Our Dahua products are specifically marked for Australia to ensure the trust with out customers. We take security seriously and so should you.


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