questions to ask for cctv installation

You are planning to have a CCTV installation being done for your house. Have you ever wondered and questioned yourself what sort of questions should you ask to installers? If you know nothing about CCTV, you should know what are the things in the market nowadays. Therefore, you need a list of questions prepared for you prior getting your first CCTV installation.

Here are some of the questions you may need to write down.

  1. What do I need my CCTV cameras to do for me?

Before you ask the installers, first of all, you need to question yourself. This will give you a basic understanding of your needs. Googling about requirements for your home or office might help you. Get some information from your friends or people about their experience getting their CCTV. Once you do basic research, you will get lots of information that might not be relevant but will help you develop more questions for installers.

Basic questions to ask for yourself:

  • Is the camera for indoor or outdoor?
  • Does it need to be hidden or in plain sight?
  • Does it need Night Vision Capability (colored video at night)?
  • What is the quality of output I need?
  • What is my budget? (The same budget can maintain quality by decreasing technology support)
  1. What are the different types of CCTV cameras?

IP Camera or Network Camera - Most cameras are IP only now since there is no use of cameras that you can only access from a particular place. IP Camera allows you to check your security footage and live feed from anywhere in the world.

Turret Camera - Small rounded cameras you see everywhere. This is commonly used either in residential or commercial areas.

Bullet Camera - You might have seen this in many shops and malls. This device has a long head (typical you see in photos and movies) but is very soft looking replacing traditional big head giants.

Dome Camera - As per the name, dome-like. Mostly used in indoor cameras for commercial security as it hides the lens tricking criminals about which side lens is looking.

  1. What are the best CCTV camera brands?

You must be sure about your preference first before asking anyone else. If you don’t know anything then choose the right installer, ask their preference, and the reasons for the chosen brand. This will clear you about their knowledge of brands and awareness about new technology which will help you decide better. Because there are many different brands out there and every brand has its own unique identity.

  1. Where do I actually need to install my CCTV cameras?

This is the part that you may need to leave it up to the installer. There are some reasons why you need to ask for their recommendation to put where the CCTVs are. Installers understand the market and they have done many CCTV installations. They know the angle and coverage of the recording area of the house. If you have any blind spots area, tell them and they will arrange the camera placement. In any case, you may want to suggest them because you know your place better.

  1. Are there any additional costs for CCTV Installation?

You should ask them whether they provide free after-care service. After-care service is an important part of CCTV installation. Because we never know what issues will happen to our devices. So, ask them if there is an additional charge for that service.

You can always contact us regarding these questions, our experts are happy to answer all your CCTV Installation concerns.