Which CCTV Camera is best for Night Vision?

CCTV cameras are now becoming part of our lives. Moreover, it's important to have a CCTV camera in our house. If you have a CCTV camera in your house or in the building then there is less chance of robbery and other illegal activities.

Dahua 8MP TiOC is known as the best night vision CCTV camera.

But wait! What does TiOC mean? Let me tell you.

TiOC means Three-in-One camera gives you 24/7 color monitoring, active deterrence, and Artificial Intelligence into one smart CCTV camera. Moreover, it is cost-saving and amazing. With its artificial intelligence technique, it can easily identify risks and problems.

Previously, much time was wasted on false alarms triggered by pets, insects, and leaves. Now, Dahua CCTV will first detect the objects then filter the non-target objects such as animals, leaves, and others. Moreover, its AI algorithm delivers more accurate and precise targeted objects as compared to false alarm systems. It provides a higher level of encryption in transmission.

Why CCTV is Important at Night?

Have you ever thought that if you have a low-quality CCTV camera then what will you do? You can do nothing because that will be problematic for you and your family members. Because your property will be at risk whether it is a house or a working place. Above all, there are many things that you have to be considered before buying a CCTV camera. Let’s explore what are those things and how you can know about CCTV cameras.

How you can buy the best CCTV camera? Let’s have a look at the guide about buying a CCTV camera.

Buying Guide

This buying guide will assist you to buy the best CCTV Camera. Let’s explore some of the important features of CCTV cameras.

Image Quality

Having the best image quality CCTV camera is no less than a blessing. Moreover, you will get an amazing image of everything. If your CCTV camera has a low-quality image then you can not catch the thief. So, having a large resolution and good pixels camera will help you to see everything clearly.

Updated Technology

CCTV cameras must have updated technology. Moreover, old cameras have the problem that they can not detect humans. They detect animals as a threat and then alarm begins. Such a situation creates a mess. To avoid such a situation, most cameras come with intelligence monitoring that detect objects accurately and correctly such as the Dahua CCTV camera.

Real-time notification

The CCTV camera should notify us in real-time. If notification lags then this will be problematic. Moreover, CCTV cameras must notify us in real-time.

Color Monitoring

CCTV cameras should provide color monitoring. Moreover, it should provide high color reproduction and excellent low-light performance for a brighter image. So, you can easily identify it.


The setup should be easy to install. Moreover, you can install it without any problem. The best example of easy installation is Dahua 8MP TiOC. Check this out for CCTV Installation in Melbourne.


The CCTV camera should be more secure. Moreover, it should have encrypted storage and encrypted transmission that will increase its security. So, no one can approach your files.


In short, a CCTV camera should have the above features then you can say that you are secure. Moreover, you can easily get such cameras in the form of Dahua 8MP TiOC. It is best to seek advice from the authorised dealer who provides a CCTV wholesale.