projector ceiling mounts

I may have a better question for you. Do you need a projector bracket after purchasing your first ever projector? The answer might be controversial because of your needs and the type of your projector. Putting your projector in the right position is important since it affects the image quality and your comfort. To think of where to put your projector, you need to decide where you will use the projector.

There are options for putting your projector. Whether it’s in your living room, home theater room, bedroom, or maybe even a bathroom. Only you know it, right?

After that, you can decide whether you want to mount your projector on the ceiling, wall, shelf, table, or desk. Every room has different scenarios to maximize your experience. Therefore, the following are the best places to mount your projector.

Ceiling Mount

Mounting a projector on the ceiling is the best option if you want to free some space in your room. You can also make the projector visible or hide it away from sight. Moreover, many people, either in residential or commercial settings, tend to use their ceiling to mount their projector for better interior design. The benefits are that you will save space to move around, and it will not be blocked if you walk in front of it, unless you are walking close to the screen.

The difficult part of mounting your projector on the ceiling is that you will need extra time and money to setup the projector and the bracket. If you are not skilled enough, you can hire a professional to mount the projector for you.

Wall Mount

Just like a ceiling mount, the scenarios for mounting the projector will be the same. However, it may not work very well if you have a long and wide room since it only relies on the room’s wall.

Table or Desk Mount

If you already have a structured bedroom with a well-placed table or desk, you are one of the lucky ones. You don’t have to spend another penny to buy a projector bracket or hire someone to mount your projector. Simply place and plug the cable into the projector to power it on.

Shelf Mount

You can save money by shelf mounting your projector if you already have a shelf. Installing a shelf is easy compared to a bracket. It can also fill in your shelf’s empty space. And, of course, you need to re-adjust the position of the lens that produces the screen.

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