What is Dahua TiOC Technology?

TiOC stands for Three-In-One camera system. It is integrated with Full-Color Technology, Active Deterrence, and AI. This technology was developed to help you extend the protection of your home by identifying potential risks and effectively giving warning to intruders. The Dahua TiOC innovation can also save time and money for businesses and traders.

What are The Core Technologies of Dahua TiOC?

Dahua TiOC is a video surveillance solution that consists of a camera, hard disk recorder, and video management software. It is designed to deliver high-quality video surveillance capabilities to small businesses, retail stores, and residential users that are looking for a simple and effective way to monitor their property. TiOC cameras' core technologies are full-color high-definition video resolution and video analytics.

The HD resolution that TiOC possesses ranges from 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. The Dahua 8MP TiOC camera has 4K resolution at up to 30fps. This allows for better monitoring of the area being recorded, with more detail in each frame of video than other types of Dahua cameras. The video analytics technology automatically detects motion in images being captured by a camera and triggers an action. This active deterrence feature is helpful if you need immediate notification when something happens.


Dahua TiOC's 24/7 colour monitoring increases the likelihood of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence. For a more vivid and brighter image, it has high colour reproduction and excellent low-light performance.

  • Full-Color technology delivers colour images day and night.
  • Liable video quality.
  • Increased likelihood of identifying suspect
  • Increased the quality of the video.

Active Deterrence

Intruders can be deterred by the Active Deterrence camera in real time. When the alarm is triggered, the built-in spotlight flashes and the speaker plays an alarm sound. It also supports user-created custom voice audio (for example, "Private property, keep out!").

  • Red-Blue light, 110db Siren.
  • Warn intruder.
  • Real time warning to the user.
  • Perimeter Protection.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI-powered perimeter protection and SMD Plus functions realise accurate alarm functions by precisely focusing on real targets.

  • SMD Plus integrated.
  • Smart perimeter detection.
  • Target-focused settings.
  • Visual Verification.
  • Accurate Alarm Filter.
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