Useful Tips for Preventing Your CCTV Cameras from Being Hacked

The CCTV cameras have become an excellent tool for monitoring the home to check if someone is intruding on your property, varmints are foraging through the rubbish cans and for packaged delivery.

But at times, this all-seeing capability can get easily co-opted by all the black hat hackers to spy on their homes. However, there are some great ways through which property owners can prevent these security cameras from getting hacked. These are:

1. Don’t utilise the default password
There are many owners of CCTV cameras that do not change their default password, which is provided by the manufacturer. This type of mistake can enable their system to get hacked easily. That’s why it’s crucial to opt for a new and strong password to protect these systems.

CCTV Camera
Many events have also indicated that the factory setting password can be obtained easily and stands out to be highly risky for privacy. Making this type of issue will open doors to all the black hat hackers right into the system.

2. Don’t utilise unwanted devices
One will come across many unbranded CCTV cameras in today’s market, and all of them are sold at a reasonable price. But, these types of devices come with countless vulnerabilities that can get exploited easily during the time of a cyberattack.

The security cameras that are provided by well-known companies come with a much better security system and also come with a brand warranty. Property owners can get all the issues fixed by contacting the representatives of the brand.

Purchasing unbranded security cameras can lead to hacking and cyberattacks because these security cameras do not have firmware updates. When he/she purchases the CCTV/security cameras from a good company, it will ensure safety and privacy.

3. Automated hacking expands the susceptibilities
These days, all the black-hat hackers have become sophisticated due to the presence of advanced technologies. Rather than doing all the work, they use new hacking techniques, which include automated software to hack these cameras.

For instance, the Mirai software is known to attack the system and then will shut it down. These types of hacking can increase the risks for CCTV cameras and their owners because cybercriminals can hack a lot more designs in a short time.


A CCTV camera is installed in both residential and commercial properties. It enables the owners to monitor the interiors of their property, check to see if a person is trespassing on the property and various other things.
The CCTV camera will also monitor the interiors of a commercial property to know about the people who are entering and exiting the property.

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