Digital CCTV Vs Analog CCTV: Which Is Better to Choose?

Having a proper security system will enable property owners to monitor their commercial, residential, industrial and other types of properties. These systems will act as the eyes when he/she is not present on the property. 

These systems are also ideal for big businesses to cover the entire area. When people are looking for top-notch security cameras, they will come across Analog CCTV Camera and Digital cameras. 

Even though both of them are utilized for the same purpose, they have different benefits and features. Let’s learn about them in detail.

Analog CCTV vs Digital CCTV: The difference

There is a massive difference between the Digital CCTV Camera and the Analog one. Through this section, you will learn about these two cameras in brief:

  1. Analog CCTV Cameras 

This is the original version of the security cameras. The Analog CCTV Camera can show the feed on the monitors or TVs. It can transmit all the data right through its coaxial cable. After that, these cameras came up with the video recording feature. 

The Analog CCTV Camera can capture the videos and then send all the data to the DVR [Digital Video Recorder]. The DVR will convert that Analog video into a digital one and then store the video in the digital space.

Digital CCTV Vs Analog CCTV

Due to the presence of advanced technology, we all have shifted from the tapes to the magnetic disks. So, rather than recording specific footage on the tapes, we use the hard disk drive to store all the footage that we capture. 

  1. Digital CCTV Cameras 

The Digital CCTV Camera will produce digital video data. When one has this particular security camera in place, they do not need the intermediate DVR. People can directly store all the captured videos from this camera and then store them in the SD Card or the hard disk drive.

The popular digital cameras that you will come across are Network Cameras and IP. The IP Cameras will send the data to the NVR [Network Video Recorder] through the ethernet cables. 

The whole camera system is linked to the network, so one can easily view the videos from any device on the same network. 

The Digital CCTV Camera these days also come with a wireless feature. Just place the camera at a particular location and connect it to the Wi-Fi connection. Here, one doesn’t have to utilize wires or cables.

Analog CCTV vs Digital CCTV: Which is the best?

Both the Digital and Analog CCTV Cameras have their own set of functions, features and benefits. So, it will depend heavily upon the buyer, and he/she must decide which security camera they want for their property.