How to Install Green Wall Plugs Like a Pro: Step-by-Step Guide

It is of prime importance to know how to put in green wall plugs if you like to enhance the appearance of your house. Wall plugs are responsible for securing bolts and screws tightly in position in various types of walls such as brick, drywall, plaster, and concrete. Consequently, it does not matter whether you will put up hanging lights, and shelves, or fix any heavy items, having appropriate wall plugs will imply that the items will remain where they have been put in for quite some time. Here, we will discuss the step-by-step process of installing wall plugs. This will help you to perform various types of jobs around your house without any problems whatsoever.

  1. Get hold of your materials and tools

Make it a point to gather all the required materials and tools before starting any do-it-yourself project related to installing wall plugs. You will need the following items that we have mentioned here:

  • Wall plugs – It’ll be advisable to go for plugs matching the type of wall in your house.
  • Drill – Make it a point to get hold of a drill whose speed can be changed according to your requirements. Moreover, it must be able to fit the present drill bits.
  • Drill bits – The drill bits must be of the proper type and size for the plugs and the wall. 
  • Screwdriver – Both cross-shaped and flat screwdrivers will be needed to twist screws into plugs.
  • Hammer – You will need a light hammer to tap wall plugs into the proper position and also move them if required.
  • Pencil – You will require a pencil to make marks on the wall precisely where the drill will be made.
  • Tape measure – A tape measure will help you to comprehend where you will put the green wall plugs.
  • Safety gear – Make certain to safeguard your lungs and eyes while drilling with the help of goggles and masks.
  • Spirit level – Use a spirit level to ensure that your work is e
  • ven and straight.

You will be prepared to install your wall plugs after making all these items available to you.

  1. Make the work area ready

Make certain that everything is ready before beginning to drill holes. There must not be anything obstructing the path such as furniture or toys. There must be something like a cloth to trap the bits and the dust that come from drilling. Also, make certain to put on safety gear to cover your nose and mouth as well as your eyes.

  1. Mark the drilling points

Make marks on the wall with the help of a pencil and tape measure to drill the holes. Measure meticulously and verify that the marks are in the proper position before beginning the drilling process. Don’t forget to use spirit level if you are installing multiple plugs. It will ensure that the plugs have been spaced out evenly and they are all straight.

  1. Drill pilot holes

After marking where to drill you now need to make some pilot holes. Select the drill bit of the right size based on the size of the wall plugs and the composition of the wall. The drill has to be held steadily against the wall and following this, you need to commence the drilling process. Don’t make the mistake of drilling quite far, particularly, if the wall happens to be soft such as drywall.

Get rid of any bits or dust left in the holes after drilling the pilot holes. A vacuum cleaner will be the right item to use here. Make sure to remove all the dust such that the green wall plugs can fit in properly. 

  1. Insert the wall plugs

After making the small holes, you need to insert the wall plugs. Each plug needs to be pushed into the holes gently and use a hammer to tap the plugs in position. Nevertheless, take care not to tap too hard since the wall might sustain damage. 

After the plugs are put in put screws into the middle part of all the plugs and use a screwdriver to twist them. It is better to push firmly so that the screws are able to remain in position firmly. Don’t make the mistake of twisting excessively hard so that the wall might become damaged in the process.

Bottom line

It is essential to know the manner in which the green wall plugs will be installed. If you stick to the guidelines that we have mentioned in this post, you will be capable of performing lots of interesting projects in a hassle-free way. It is feasible for a decent wall plug to maintain the safety of everything such as mirrors, lights, shelves, and so forth. So make sure to prepare your tools, and make your house even better than before.

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