dahua wizsense cctv supplier in melbourne

Dahua WizSense Technology is a smart technology developed to reduce the chances of any incident and keeps you updated through a smart notification to reduce the time waste. Launched by Dahua, the WizSense technology is one of the Dahua series that possesses independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm.

Real Time Push Notification is always there with detection of vehicle or human warning. Instant Response & Active Deterrence during an event actively warns off intruders once they have been detected to significantly reduce the probability of any incident to happen.

The feature alerts users with a real-time push notification that shows trigger type (human or vehicle), and enables users to easily verify alarms through captured videos.

Dahua is the best surveillance company when it comes to packing up lot of technology in small pack. The Dahua WizSense technology focuses on human and vehicle with the intelligent functions, simple configuration, and inclusive products ability. Making it as a simple product with rich features for the end-users benefit.

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