There maybe countless companies selling Security Systems and may would claim the best according to the products they use and make the most money by selling their products. Please read thoroughly to understand how to find the best company and what are our recommendations and why.

How to select CCTV brand?

Technologies have no limits, You will find new technology and new upgrades in every gadget that you are maybe using.

What products to choose depends on 2 main things, "Upgrade" & "Usage"

Commercial products would be upgraded over a decade or after certain defects or according to the choice of the owner, so it is best to invest into the best CCTV you can find as they are there to protect your Assets.

Home protection can be very fancy according to your choice, as you will be monitoring it frequently, and it gets boring to have one system, just the way one would get bored with their mobile phone in a couple of years.

It is advised to find products that maybe fancy but cheap compared to Commercial products as you may want to upgrade it frequently. It is best practice to find products that offer a large range of variety and versatility, so you can upgrade a little equipment instead of change the whole system.

What are our recommendation?

It depends on what you prefer, but we prefer to sell particularly Dahua as it offers not only a great Economy system that same recorder can be used with wide range of cameras, but it also offers various options to fit your budget.

You might be thinking, what technologies are there (It will be released in next thread) other than Megapixels differences.

Each megapixel has different physical look and even same megapixels can have different variants which serves different purpose.

There are plenty of cameras, which makes security more fun and responsive than just faded coloured video and false alarms. Furthermore, here is the popular product on Ripper Online based on the weekly best-selling products.

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