What questions to ask for CCTV installation?

If you have ever wondered-

What questions to ask to installers?

What to consider while choosing right installer?

What are the things in the market?

Is there any additional costs after CCTV installation?

You have come to the right place!


Let's straight go in to the questions and what answers to expect in return?

1. What do I need my cameras to do for me?

First, ask yourself this question?

- This will give you basic understanding of your needs

- Clear the cutter you have heard from others about the problems

- Once you do some basic search you will get lot of information which might not be relevant but will help you develop more questions for installer.

Basic questions to ask yourself:

  • Cameras indoor or outdoor
  • Hidden or in Plain Sight
  • Night Vision Capability (colored video at night)
  • Quality of output
  • Budget (Same budget can maintain quality by decreasing technology support)

2. What are the different types of CCTV cameras?

Turret Camera - Small rounded cameras you see everywhere (very common)

Bullet Camera - You might have seen this in many shops and malls, thing long head (typical you see in photos and movies) but very soft looking replacing traditional big head giants.

Dome Camera - As per the name, dome like. Mostly used in indoor cameras for commercial security as it hides the lens tricking criminal about which side lens is looking.

IP - Most cameras are IP only now since there is no use of cameras which you can only access from a particular place. IP allows you to check your security footage and live feed from anywhere in the world.

3. What are the best CCTV camera brands?

You must be sure about your preference first.

When you are choosing right installer ask their preference and reason.

This will clear you about their knowledge of brands and awareness about new technology which will help you decide better.

- There are many different brands out there and every brand has it's own unique identity.

We at Ripper Online recommend Dahua (Made for Australia only).

Why Dahua only? Because, they have AUS only series which assures you the safety and genuineness of the product. Amount of options to suit your needs is crazy.

4. Where do I actually install my cameras?

This is the part which you may need to leave it up to the installer.


- They know the angle and coverage of recording area

- They know cameras better

- They understand the connectivity of recording

- Blind spots (You must consider this one)

- You may want to suggest them (After all you know your place better)

- Always let installer make the final call :)

5. What are the additional costs for CCTV?

There is million you can install to modify your security system. Still it will never be enough.

- Residential security should only consider basic necessity listed below:

1. Indoor or Outdoor (Both Recommended) + Garage (Never forget this)

2. Discreet or Easily Visible

3. Night Vision Capability (Dahua has coloured night vision capacity even in basic start up cameras)

4. Quality (It differs for indoor and outdoor) - We recommend having one 8MP in front door for extra High-Qaulity

5. Sufficient storage and room for upgrades if you're planning house upgrade in upcoming few years.


Secure your home now!!! Get your installers to come to us to get best price on products which will eventually decrease given Quote to you ;)